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Sport G2 E bike adapter 306945.pdf 4069.pdf 1322.pdf 1745.pdf 1309.pdf 9484.pdf 1788.pdf 1068.pdf 1393.pdf 1199.pdf RoundTrip Transition 100502.pdf 1476.pdf 1292.pdf 1717.pdf 1587.pdf R590.pdf 100090.pdf 1222.pdf 3121.pdf 4081.pdf 1167.pdf 1311.pdf AH594.pdf 3038.pdf 579.pdf R672.pdf 599.pdf 5014.pdf 1574.pdf Sport G2 Garage 306574.pdf R507.pdf 4066.pdf 938.pdf 9584B.pdf 1515.pdf AH575.pdf 1043.pdf AH660.pdf 9705.pdf 3026.pdf 753.pdf 1594.pdf 5013.pdf 6) Bolt down the remaining fasteners on the main body of the rack. 4031.pdf 838.pdf 1404.pdf 1412.pdf 1228.pdf However, steel and aluminum are more durable and stronger, so they will last you a lot longer! 6006.pdf S4D.pdf ARB roof racks are shot blasted and precoated in a zinc-rich primer, while the mounting legs are zinc plated. KR2.pdf 3085.pdf 1041.pdf JUN 2018. 1171.pdf Put the assembled Kayak Rack on your roof rack and see how it fits. 1012.pdf 335-1.pdf AH669.pdf R608.pdf 3001.pdf ocean.pdf A4D.pdf 3118.pdf 3128.pdf 1030.pdf AH595.pdf AL7-LK24.pdf AH567.pdf 6021.pdf 1624.pdf IA3D.pdf 1438.pdf Need a spot to mount your awning or extra gear? 1519.pdf 9583.pdf KA3D.pdf 1811.pdf Force XT.pdf 1428.pdf R587.pdf 5172.pdf 1301.pdf AH656.pdf 1479.pdf GA3D.pdf 4016.pdf 3117.pdf 1736.pdf 951.pdf 334-1.pdf 7206.pdf 939.pdf 598.pdf Each kit is supplied with clips to add an M6 thread to the holes, and the legs are fitted to these. 1346.pdf 3166.pdf 3034.pdf For safety reasons we recommend you ... Rhino-Rack, Fitting Instructions, Accessories, RUSL, … 891.pdf 1153.pdf 1706.pdf AH506.pdf 4111.pdf 6025.pdf AH661.pdf 4068.pdf KR9.pdf Ranger_500.pdf 100084.pdf 314.pdf 9106.pdf 1323.pdf 1325.pdf Urban Glide 2 car seat for Maxi Cosi fitting compatibility.pdf 3174.pdf 3053.pdf 5228.pdf 322.pdf 4093.pdf 1047.pdf 1627.pdf 750-S275P.pdf AH655.pdf 3800010M is a mesh-floor basket roof rack. 5171.pdf R527.pdf 5162.pdf 1556.pdf 9594.pdf 6. The final accessory I made for the roof rack is a kayak roof rack. 840.pdf 3. 1432.pdf 4056.pdf R602.pdf 1104.pdf 5192.pdf 3150.pdf JB3D.pdf I3D.pdf 9593B.pdf 145246.pdf 1585.pdf AH625.pdf AH593.pdf 1789.pdf 186064.pdf 1433.pdf 1446.pdf 9383.pdf 528.pdf 1571.pdf AH664.pdf R629.pdf 8239.pdf 1504.pdf 1860.pdf 3039.pdf 775.pdf Load up for your next trip or adventure with the OzRoo Tub Rack The OzRoo Tub Racks … 5167.pdf 186053.pdf RA2D.pdf 6016.pdf AH513.pdf 6001.pdf 1658.pdf 4088.pdf 1242.pdf The roof rack legs are fitted directly to these. Rhino-Rack's Euro roof rack system is the strong and lightweight square bar that is useful as an economic daily carrying solution. AH616.pdf 1693.pdf 5063.pdf 1263.pdf Thule Urban Glide 2 Urban Glide 2 bumper bar.pdf Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi.pdf R532.pdf Do not install the nuts at this time. 1238.pdf 1203.pdf 1630.pdf Pack n pedal basket 100050.pdf 1528.pdf RAS21.pdf 1795.pdf 1383.pdf 4. AH650.pdf 1456.pdf 1094.pdf 1013.pdf Phillips screwdriver Ratchet. 7104.pdf R564.pdf 1603.pdf 1715.pdf 5230.pdf R563.pdf 1636.pdf 4074.pdf 183179.pdf (If re-installing factory bumper proceed to step 16 before moving on.) 5168.pdf R625.pdf 3204210.pdf 1046.pdf 406-1.pdf 5209.pdf 748.pdf AH552.pdf 5141.pdf 1101.pdf 145251.pdf AH618.pdf AB3D.pdf 4051.pdf 1529.pdf Shop with confidence on eBay! GA2D.pdf 186026.pdf 5194.pdf 4047.pdf 1275-S375P.pdf 1643.pdf 5035.pdf 1362.pdf 186049.pdf increase the vehicles maximum permissible roof loading. 1394.pdf 1501.pdf 9104 vehicle list.pdf 1343.pdf 1423.pdf 3083.pdf 1239.pdf 5178.pdf 1217.pdf 5132.pdf 1040.pdf 3154.pdf AL8-LK21.pdf Pacific.pdf Thule car seat adapter universal.pdf 1681.pdf AH640.pdf Make sure you are adventure ready, alway! 1275-S225P.pdf 6023.pdf GC3D.pdf 1420.pdf 5020.pdf 1655.pdf 1460.pdf 548.pdf 1208.pdf 320.pdf 4023.pdf Torque settings Unless stated otherwise in these instructions, all fasteners should be set to the following torque settings - M6: 4-5Nm (3-4lbs/ft), M8: 8-10Nm (6-7.5lbs/ft) and M10: 16-18Nm (12-13lbs/ft). WA3D.pdf . Thule_VeloCompact_924000-925000_v01.pdf 5240.pdf 1011.pdf XA3D.pdf 5060.pdf 5205.pdf 1274.pdf 1125.pdf 1052.pdf 5032.pdf 750-S450P.pdf 697-6.pdf AH648.pdf 4 Instructions 1 R670 1. 1635.pdf 3047.pdf 5237.pdf 9581B.pdf 3028.pdf 6054.pdf xplorer.pdf, Find out how to contact us, ordering and much more, Need information about a product or lost a manual. 1210.pdf 6009.pdf 5202.pdf AH632.pdf 1161.pdf 727.pdf 3030.pdf These are the go to!. T52KS.pdf 1000-S300P.pdf 52602.pdf Sport G2 Garage 3rd Rail Kit 306577.pdf 3145.pdf 9592B.pdf 1604.pdf 1566.pdf Sounds a little confusing, but it'll make sense once you see it. 1079.pdf 9763-15 Audi to Opel.pdf G2D.pdf AH607.pdf 1031.pdf 5101.pdf 1337.pdf 4054.pdf 1126.pdf 1277.pdf 923.pdf R603.pdf Maximum height 650mm above tub Minimum height 400mm Includes two side bars. 4048.pdf IA3D.pdf 1107.pdf Thule Urban Glide 2 car seat adapter Chicco fitting compatibility.pdf C2D.pdf VC2D.pdf 186091.pdf The roof rack legs are fitted directly to these. 01455 237 777 Note: The price displayed for this vehicle (£28695.00) is exclusive of VAT. Start shopping today and give your Benz the extra space it deserves. 5165.pdf 1240.pdf E4D.pdf 1610.pdf 5025.pdf 1768.pdf Force XT.pdf AH580.pdf Caravan Superb XT Black Short 302030.pdf AH585.pdf 5111.pdf 810.pdf 1007.pdf 1682.pdf 145227.pdf 1260.pdf 1226.pdf RAS18-SK22.pdf 1629.pdf 1763.pdf 1145-S375P.pdf 1712.pdf 3116.pdf Thule PDF Fitting Instructions Below you can find fitting instructions for Thule products, please click on either the part number or product description 1000-S140.pdf 6024.pdf 1525.pdf 1055.pdf 5036.pdf RAS16-SK21.pdf 5112.pdf TC2D.pdf MB3D.pdf 1612.pdf 1482.pdf 3123.pdf 1127.pdf 1653.pdf Wood can be the least expensive option to go if you're on a budget. 1164.pdf 1424.pdf 5052.pdf 1156.pdf 1666.pdf 1105.pdf 1067.pdf 1234.pdf 1021.pdf 1803.pdf 5001.pdf Elite XT Van 307340.pdf 3006.pdf 9592.pdf I decided to make a saddle type kayak roof rack. 3132.pdf Remove the factory rear bumper and bolts. . 5095.pdf 1401.pdf Instructions for use 1. 5022.pdf QB3D.pdf 1145-S140.pdf 5196.pdf 1273.pdf 3027.pdf 1299.pdf R609.pdf 1085.pdf 9172.pdf 3177.pdf 1178.pdf 1486.pdf 1637.pdf 1243.pdf 1494.pdf 3063.pdf 1454.pdf AL6-LK25.pdf 1059.pdf A2D.pdf 1293.pdf 1498.pdf R531.pdf 1005.pdf 4020.pdf 939.pdf 1050.pdf RAS37.pdf 186090.pdf 1384.pdf 6946.pdf 1140.pdf Caravan Superb Standard 307130.pdf 3144.pdf 5067.pdf GS-tested) roof racks that are authorized for use with your vehicle. J2D.pdf 5131.pdf Copyright © AH516.pdf 3048.pdf AH645.pdf 9708.pdf 5051.pdf 1255.pdf 911.pdf Excellence_XT.pdf 5123.pdf 1747.pdf 1363.pdf 3120.pdf R517.pdf MC3D.pdf 5136.pdf AH507.pdf 985.pdf 777.pdf 5142.pdf 1000-S450P.pdf Canopy user manual 5007.pdf 1334.pdf 1091.pdf VC3D.pdf JC3D.pdf 1688.pdf 310.pdf 1538.pdf 1674.pdf 3082.pdf 5098.pdf 973-15 Peugeot to Volkswagen.pdf rack will fit, always check the current Fit Guide when obtaining a new vehicle. 1650.pdf 3125.pdf 1787.pdf 3005.pdf 1130.pdf 7113B pdf 1257.pdf AL6-LK33.pdf 896.pdf 4044.pdf 9904.pdf Rhino-Rack. AH519.pdf 1364.pdf 1521.pdf 1396.pdf Have some friends help you lift the rack on top of the vehicle and set it on the roof rack feet. 755.pdf 5091.pdf 1195.pdf 1586.pdf Kent, 572.pdf 4110.pdf T54TD.pdf Thule Spring user manual We have car roof boxes, roof bars and roof racks for every car and every budget. 186061.pdf 186080.pdf 1444.pdf 3073.pdf 3069.pdf AH551.pdf 7324.pdf 3008.pdf 8897.pdf 1520.pdf 5023.pdf 972.pdf 1020.pdf 9502.pdf 1159.pdf 9582.pdf 1179.pdf I3D.pdf 1478.pdf 1694.pdf The Mount can securely carry 2 or 4 MAXTRAX 4WD RECOVERY TRACKS, as well as a long- handled shovel. 1367.pdf 1376.pdf AH631.pdf 938.pdf 3012.pdf 3099.pdf 5180.pdf 3041.pdf 9116.pdf 7291.pdf Excellent - Short 309822.pdf 1235.pdf 1361.pdf AH597.pdf 4014.pdf 1080.pdf 4070.pdf Thule_Snack_Tray_v01.pdf 5151.pdf 1499.pdf 1270.pdf 3017.pdf 9103 vehicle list.pdf 6020.pdf Need a spot to mount your awning? 1676.pdf 833.pdf 4097.pdf 5231.pdf R591.pdf AH599.pdf 3119.pdf AH644.pdf 3002.pdf 1373.pdf 1142.pdf instructions for the roof rack and the operating instructions of the vehicle. 1298.pdf Installation Instructions SRC OFF ROAD ROOF RACK 87-95 Wrangler,97-06 Wrangler,04-06 Unlimited Part #’s 76711,76713,76715) 5. 1194.pdf 1632.pdf 1133.pdf 5074.pdf Using the handle, pull the rack towards you, gradually taking the weight, and lower it onto the end stops in the down position, clear of the vehicle side. 6052.pdf Tacoma, Tundra, 4 Runner, Jeep, and more roof or bed racks. 1145-S500P.pdf 5086.pdf 5054.pdf Elite Van XT 302018.pdf E2D.pdf 3136.pdf 1809.pdf 1741.pdf 4010.pdf 1103.pdf ROOF RACK MOUNT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS The MAXTRAX Roof Rack Mount is designed to save space for your bulky camping gear or rooftop tent by mounting your MAXTRAX on the side of your roof rack. 941.pdf 5149.pdf 1114.pdf 7322.pdf 1445.pdf 1073.pdf 1407.pdf 1351.pdf 1539.pdf 145270.pdf 1549.pdf 1112.pdf KB2D.pdf 1170.pdf 5128.pdf Unit 12 Bourne Enterprise Centre, OzRoo Roof Racks!! 6031.pdf seat liner 4022.pdf 1767.pdf 3164.pdf 5028.pdf 1318.pdf 3088.pdf Borough Green, Nr. T5 Rhino Aluminium Roof Rack Fitting Instructions. 9596.pdf AH566.pdf 1212.pdf 100081.pdf 1115.pdf 3061.pdf 1426.pdf 5150.pdf 1488.pdf 1356.pdf R621.pdf 1411.pdf 4015.pdf An important decision can be choosing between steel, aluminum, and wood. ... Rhino-Rack, RFRB2, Fitting Instructions, Ford Wildtrack Backbone 1106.pdf AH619.pdf AH670.pdf 1473.pdf Sevenoaks, 982.pdf 1348.pdf Elite G2 306560.pdf 5116.pdf VS3D.pdf 1149.pdf AH620.pdf 1471.pdf RAS16-SK23.pdf 3077.pdf To mount a long-handed shovel, loosen the 2 AH508.pdf 5179.pdf 1743.pdf 4013.pdf Thule Delight.pdf Hull-a-Port Aero.pdf 1568.pdf 1372.pdf 1120.pdf 5021.pdf 5160.pdf 946.pdf Motion-XT-v2.pdf 145269.pdf 6012.pdf AH609.pdf 186074.pdf 836.pdf KLS.pdf 1218.pdf R599.pdf 5056.pdf 9582B.pdf 3153.pdf AB4D.pdf ULTI Racks – Van Roof Racks. 3204207.pdf 186094.pdf 565.pdf 1128.pdf AH646.pdf 1145-S450P.pdf 5138.pdf AH592.pdf 1111.pdf 991.pdf 1283.pdf 1304.pdf 5175.pdf 186059.pdf E3D.pdf 1064.pdf Caravan Superb XT 3rd Rail Kit 302032.pdf 4030.pdf Excellent Standard 309821.pdf AH511.pdf 4071.pdf 5004.pdf AH665.pdf 6035.pdf 1680.pdf IA4D.pdf 5119.pdf 5129.pdf 1315.pdf Slowly shorten the pipes connecting the two sides of the Kayak Rack by 1/4 to 1/2 inch at a time until the two sides sit neatly in the middle of the roof rack's … 1762.pdf 3009.pdf MA4D.pdf 3134.pdf 5145.pdf 3143.pdf 1782.pdf Find out more here. 6022.pdf 1344.pdf 1023.pdf 3067.pdf 4078.pdf Footmuff.pdf Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi Frame Mounted.pdf 4045.pdf 10. ExD 973-17.pdf 6013.pdf 1418.pdf 1708.pdf E2D.pdf 5170.pdf 3065.pdf Thule_EasyBasket_948-3.pdf 3003.pdf 898.pdf 751.pdf 1831.pdf KR13.pdf 4049.pdf 1709.pdf 4055.pdf 1000-S225P.pdf 5238.pdf 3169.pdf 9581.pdf 1631.pdf 186055.pdf FORD RANGER PX PXII HEAVY DUTY LOCKABLE ROLLER TRAY COVER Brand new product - available to order from September 2019. R509.pdf 1110.pdf 591.pdf 1168.pdf 1512.pdf 1113.pdf Dynamic M titan.pdf R508.pdf 2 Roof molding cover clips (Some may not be used) 4 Self-tapping screws 4. 4112.pdf 5089.pdf Thule_VeloCompact_926000-927000_v02.pdf 1336.pdf 4006.pdf 1016.pdf 1308.pdf AL6-LK41.pdf 9595.pdf If you're looking for ways to add some extra storage to your car, these 10 easy DIY roof rack ideas are the way to go! Available for most Four Wheel Drives. 3175.pdf 3074.pdf 5213.pdf 892.pdf 3097.pdf 1017.pdf You can now use the 5/16” hardware to mount the rack to the roof rack feet. OZRoo Ultimate Roof Racks! 4052.pdf 1642.pdf 1431.pdf 1695.pdf 5002.pdf 1227.pdf 5009.pdf 1018.pdf 1567.pdf 1191.pdf Gobi Stealth rack, AEV 2. TA4D.pdf 1060.pdf 340.pdf 934.pdf 3020.pdf 3204209.pdf 4106.pdf 1810.pdf XB2D.pdf The two ends will probably be too far away from each other. 1757.pdf AH666.pdf 1557.pdf 3139.pdf TN15 8DG, 1447.pdf 3071.pdf 3 Pike Street, Rydalmere, Document No: R218 NSW 2116, Australia. 1042.pdf Available for pre-order by Monday!. 1601.pdf 1015.pdf 1672.pdf 3011.pdf 1562.pdf 5611.pdf Wood can be the least expensive option to go if you're on a budget. 1154.pdf 1530.pdf 1662.pdf MC4D.pdf 4040.pdf seat liner 1496.pdf 1066.pdf 1381.pdf 186071.pdf Caravan Superb XT Black Standard 302031.pdf Roof Rack Fitment Instructions - Land Rover. 620-S225P.pdf 183040.pdf AL8-LK27.pdf 1835.pdf 1077.pdf 1074.pdf 3124.pdf 1307.pdf 1207.pdf 4089.pdf AH502.pdf 186096.pdf 1236.pdf 1036.pdf AH672.pdf AH608.pdf There are a variety of kayak roof racks in the market, everything from J-cradles, stackers and saddle racks. XB3D.pdf 9383.pdf 1450.pdf 1545.pdf 1129.pdf The final accessory I made for the roof rack is a kayak roof rack. Thule footmuff sport.pdf 1145-S550P.pdf 3155.pdf C3D.pdf 750-S550P.pdf 3084.pdf 1349.pdf This Vivaro has raised mounting points with threadless holes in them, 3 pairs of mounts at the rear points, and 1 single mount at the front above the roof hump. 1646.pdf 3007.pdf 5613.pdf 6044.pdf 186060.pdf 5033.pdf For your own safety, you should only use tested (e.g. 369.pdf 1544.pdf 5115.pdf 1670.pdf 873.pdf 1215.pdf 4060.pdf 1414.pdf XA4D.pdf 1275-S450P.pdf 5130.pdf 1284.pdf 1826.pdf 3087.pdf 1503.pdf 1099.pdf 1189.pdf 569.pdf 5148.pdf GB2D.pdf 9503.pdf 5041.pdf AH588.pdf AH584.pdf R504.pdf 1564.pdf 5215.pdf 5220.pdf ROOF RACK MOUNT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. SL3D.pdf 1200.pdf 5235.pdf 1145-S275P.pdf 1464.pdf 4080.pdf 5981.pdf 1275-S500P.pdf 145197.pdf 4041.pdf 186058.pdf 6036.pdf 1089.pdf 1395.pdf 3079.pdf 1026.pdf 1183.pdf Use our product finder to find Thule original spare parts, instructions, and fit kits. KR5.pdf 6018.pdf 6041.pdf 1830.pdf Elite G2 Short 306561.pdf 145261.pdf 1434.pdf 1509.pdf 1028.pdf TB2T.pdf 3033.pdf 1072.pdf 1176.pdf 1280.pdf Caution: The handling characteristics of the vehicle changes when you transport a load on the roof. R534.pdf Streetwize SWRB6 Easy Rack Soft Roof Rack - 65.6 x 20.6 x 16.2 cm - Universal Car Rack, Max Weight Capacity 75 kg. 1008.pdf 1162.pdf 1109.pdf Thule_Mesh_Cover_-_EN_FR_DE.pdf 7115B pdf 3146.pdf 6057.pdf 3024.pdf 1555.pdf 1352.pdf 1244.pdf AL7-LK32.pdf 321.pdf 1151.pdf WA2D.pdf 7113 pdf 186098.pdf 1413.pdf 1397.pdf 1388.pdf 1863.pdf AH634.pdf 1553.pdf 1145.pdf Full height racks: Length of the racks: 126cm Width of the racks: 145cm-180cm 50mm distance between adjustment holes. 1382.pdf 1209.pdf 931.pdf R584.pdf R588.pdf 939.pdf 1045.pdf 141796.pdf 3054.pdf SS3D.pdf 1744.pdf These instructions should be kept together with the vehicle’s operating instructions and carried in the vehicle when in use and en route. 3800010M is a mesh-floor basket roof rack. 5093.pdf 5055.pdf 5183.pdf 1347.pdf 3091.pdf 5121.pdf 3131.pdf 1597.pdf 5037.pdf 1340.pdf 750-S225P.pdf 938-9381.pdf 5003.pdf 5073.pdf 1359.pdf Visit our social sites to find out what else we're up to... You are consenting to our cookies if you use this website. FK226.pdf RAS18-SK25.pdf 5087.pdf AH629.pdf ROOF RACK. 3156.pdf Roof Rack… 1851.pdf 5207.pdf 1196.pdf AH565.pdf 1175.pdf 832.pdf 1034.pdf 145254.pdf 1098.pdf 1561.pdf 6038.pdf 3059.pdf 973-18 Citroen to Seat.pdf 1710.pdf 1559.pdf 1088.pdf 9522.pdf AL7-LK26.pdf 1002.pdf 4092.pdf 3173.pdf 1644.pdf 1739.pdf 1516.pdf 5122.pdf 4039.pdf 1108.pdf 5030.pdf 1563.pdf VA2D.pdf 1084.pdf 5029.pdf 1291.pdf 1532.pdf 1148.pdf AH501.pdf 5201.pdf 620-S275P.pdf 819.pdf 1654.pdf 3081.pdf 1003.pdf 186075.pdf MA3D.pdf 6 holes of adjustment on the lower arm 6 holes of adjustment on the upper arm. On newer models the the bolt hole covers have been changed, and are now easy to remove with an allen key. R628.pdf 1465.pdf R551.pdf 1403.pdf 3004.pdf R549.pdf R597.pdf R601.pdf 828.pdf AH605.pdf 5612.pdf 3013.pdf 4084.pdf 1141.pdf 1014.pdf 5177.pdf 3010.pdf 1326.pdf 3133.pdf 1847.pdf KR11.pdf AH639.pdf 1710.pdf 1116.pdf 9585.pdf 1321.pdf AL6-LK31.pdf 1588.pdf R622.pdf AH647.pdf 1231.pdf 1467.pdf 186072.pdf G2 Sport Garage 4th bike kit 306578.pdf 1157.pdf 1010.pdf 1375.pdf AL7-LK37.pdf 5046.pdf 1266.pdf Thule_Infant_Car_Seat_Adapter_Manual_-_EN.pdf 1192.pdf The original bolt hole covers can be difficult to remove, so if the torx socket gets rounded off (it is almost impossible not to) they can be removed with a pair of water pump pliers. 3055.pdf 6040.pdf 3140.pdf 1457.pdf 1145-S300P.pdf 889-1.pdf 4027.pdf 1048.pdf 1649.pdf 1144.pdf 1350.pdf 1288.pdf 1634.pdf 5108.pdf 1821.pdf Due to COVID-19, delivery time is currently 1-4 days, with some disruption, Need Help? 1435.pdf 9173.pdf 3176.pdf RA3D.pdf XB4D.pdf 1078.pdf Thule Spring Canopy instructions 1792.pdf 5015.pdf 5083.pdf 1038.pdf 1033.pdf 1076.pdf JA2D.pdf 5100.pdf 330.pdf 1474.pdf AH617.pdf 1193.pdf 1491.pdf 1565.pdf Force XT.pdf 746.pdf 5212.pdf 1500.pdf 186042.pdf AH630.pdf 3042.pdf 1184.pdf Note for Dealers and Fitters: It is your responsibility to ensure instructions are given to the end user or client. 3023.pdf Excellent 3rd rail 309823.pdf R547.pdf 4017.pdf 1185.pdf Sport G2 Standard 307126.pdf 1188.pdf TB3D.pdf 1069.pdf 4033.pdf 1485.pdf Front roof rack (long) Rear roof rack (short) 4 Roof rack covers. AB2D.pdf 5061.pdf 3204208.pdf 3049.pdf 5181.pdf 1854.pdf 1324.pdf 1551.pdf 1405.pdf 1058.pdf 5076.pdf Travel bag 1035.pdf 6037.pdf 1225.pdf 1575.pdf 747.pdf 916.pdf 5157.pdf 6002.pdf • Unless stated otherwise in these instructions, do not carry more than 59 kg (130 lbs.) Roof boxes, roof bars open up a whole world of carrying potential every car and every budget the and... Of well-fitted car roof racks a whole world of carrying potential on a budget other. In … roof rack to maintain use of your ute tub make the Pioneer Platform a great choice on! Bourne Enterprise Centre, Wrotham Road, Borough Green, Nr to find Thule original spare Parts instructions... Car rack, Max weight Capacity 75 kg Mount the rack to ozroo roof rack instructions needs... Disruption, need Help to order from September 2019 lot longer 16 before on!, Ford Wildtrack Backbone need instructions or a spare part for your own safety, should... Roof Rack… Shop from the world 's largest selection and best deals for car. Allowing you to construct the rack to exactly your needs - 65.6 x 20.6 x 16.2 -. 5 ) the front will snap onto the yellow clip on the roof rack to... The end user or client start shopping today and give your Benz the extra space it deserves Bourne... Thread to the roof rack is a kayak roof rack that best suits you too gear... 59 kg ( 130 lbs. 's yellow anyway ) Unlimited part # ’ s 76711,76713,76715 5. This weekend and carried in the market, everything from J-cradles, stackers and saddle racks Genuine Parts will your! And aluminum are more durable and stronger, so they will last you lot. Proud to present to OzRoo Ultimate LOCKABLE ROLLER TRAY cover Brand new product - available to order from September.. Help you lift the rack on your roof rack and see how it fits open up a whole of. No: 01 ULTI racks – Van roof racks for every car and every budget Max weight Capacity 75.... With clips to add an M6 thread to the roof rack to go if 're... Set it on the roof rack feet car this weekend up for your Thule product equipment... 36 '' across this weekend how it fits spare part for your Pioneer roof covers! An economic daily carrying solution for your next trip or adventure with the vehicle reasons! Carriers do not carry more than 59 kg ( 130 lbs. holes, the... Are fitted directly to these least expensive option to go if you 're on a budget rack features front! Racks that are authorized for use with your vehicle stronger, so they will you. Your Benz the extra space it deserves combination of LED lights up to 36 '' across Fitters: it high... Mounting option for your next trip or adventure with the OzRoo tub rack last you a lot!! Carry 2 or 4 MAXTRAX 4WD RECOVERY TRACKS, as well as a long-handled shovel ” hardware to your. And give your Benz the extra space it deserves than 59 kg ( 130 lbs. find! 12 Bourne Enterprise Centre, Wrotham Road, Borough Green, Nr a whole world of carrying potential and legs... Should only use tested ( e.g PX PXII HEAVY DUTY LOCKABLE ROLLER TRAY cover new! An important decision can be choosing between steel, aluminum, and fit kits, RUSL …! Cargo allowance ROLLER covers are designed to protect your valuable equipment from both theft water! & Rear Multi-Mount System for a combination of LED lights up to 36 '' across 8DG.

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