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The increase in compression ratio (from 10.4:1 to 10.8:1) comes from new cast-aluminum pistons with reduced valve-pocket depths. Dean Guard, a GM Powertrain engineer, explains that it was the demise of the Corvette ZR-1's LT5 5.7-liter/405-horse DOHC V-8 that led to the development of the 5.7-liter OHV LT4. Mecom's original Light Cadillac Blue paint has been deepened to an Admiral Blue Metallic hue. Campaigned by privateers with backdoor help from Chevy, GSs won but twice: a '63 SCCA National in the hands of Dr. Dick Thompson, and the '64 Nassau Tourist Trophy with Roger Penske behind the wheel. A: Depends on what you mean by "fast." To ensure good durability at the LT4's higher rpm and output levels, its cast-iron crankshaft has undercut and rolled fillets. Chevy wished to maintain a dual-engine strategy for the Corvette and also wanted to defuse the common perception that a yawning gap exists between the rpm capabilities of classic pushrod engines and overhead-cam designs. Many Corvette enthusiasts have since tried to debunk the horsepower rating, claiming the General Motors … A new Corvette engine - the LT4 - debuted for 1996. 1 of 1000 Produced. LT4: 6,300 Compression Ratio: LT1: 10.4:1 LT4: 10.8:1 Cylinder Head Material: (LT1, LT4) Cast Aluminum Cylinder Block Material: (LT1, LT4) Cast Iron Oil Pump Type: Gear Cooling System Capacity 9.39 Quarts (LT1) 9.61 Quarts (LT4) Radiator Cap Relief Pressure LT1, LT4… Chevrolet commemorated the ending of the fourth generation of Corvettes by making two special edition Corvettes available. Search over 5,900 listings to find the best local deals. Soon thereafter, the Cobra earned its spot in the record books by winning the '64 and '65 GT championships. The 1996 Corvette was the final year of the C4. The LT1's 1.94-inch intake valve became a 2.00-inch design for the LT4, while the exhaust-valve increase is from 1.50 inches to 1.55 inches. Click here for more details or check out the September 2012 issue of Vette Magazine. At $4934 over the price of a base automatic Corvette, the 1996 Corvette Grand Sport is a nice ride, and the 30 extra horses don't hurt. Now that the end is nigh for the fourth-generation ('84-96) Corvette, Chevrolet has another special edition ready for hard-core collectors to squirrel away under a plastic cover. Winning the Sebring 12-Hour may be too much to expect of a stock '96 Corvette Grand Sport, but this Vette does prove to be a commendably quick ride and a credit to the name, whether the venue is high-speed commuting or a challenging weekend at the track. 1996 Corvette LT4 For Sale! Inside this new Corvette two decor options are offered: all black or a combination of red-and-black perforated-leather sport bucket seats. To minimize the increase in mass with the larger face diameters, hollow valve stems were adopted. The '82 Corvette Collector Edition was not only the last of the third-generation models, it was also the first fiberglass flier with a base price over $20,000 (list price: $22,538). The modern Grand Sport also wears aggressive five-spoke aluminum wheels that provide a wide-open view of the brake calipers. Coupes get full ZR-1 footwear: 9.5-inch-wide front wheels with 275/40ZR17 tires and 11.0-inch-wide rear wheels shod with 315/35ZR17 Goodyear Eagle rubber. As usual YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) but it has been reported that a top speed of 172 MPH and a 1/4 mile ET of 12.93 have been recorded on supposedly pure stock Grand Sports. By creating this ultimate example of fourth-generation Corvettes, Chevrolet closes the book on this design's 12-year run with a resonant bang. The Grand Sport package is a limited-edition option (coded Z16) that can be added to any '96 Corvette coupe or convertible-as long as you're one of the first 1000 customers to log an order. Head gaskets also are upgraded from LT1 specifications. Cylinder heads contain taller intake ports and wider exhaust passages for improved through-flow. All Rights Reserved. The LT4 generated 330 HP and was mated to a 6-speed manual tranny. The LT4 engine makes the 1996 Corvette the fastest “Small Block Chevrolet” V8 engine equipped Corvette ever created with a top speed of 170 MPH. Copyright / trademark / sales mark infringements are not intended, or implied. The engine note takes on a hard edge of a race-prepped V-8, and acceleration continues at a steady climb, without the wilted feeling that the LT1 suffers past five grand. The broad white stripe down the middle is a variation on a design theme used by Mecom in 1964. The 1996 LT4 engine is a real sleeper and conservatively rated at 330hp. It offered a few more horsepower and it loved to rev, and if you were smart like the guy who originally ordered this Torch Red 1996 Corvette coupe, you could get it in a standard 'Vette as well as the Grand Sport and Collectors' Editions. The 1996 Corvette was the final year of the C4. Displaying 1 - 15 of 20 total results for classic 1996 Chevrolet Corvette Vehicles for Sale. And there's a very good reason for that shared personality trait: Horsepower curves for both the retired DOHC engine and its energetic OHV replacement peak at 5800 rpm. The cowl generates a bodacious shake when the panel is out. Chevrolet didn't develop new chassis gear specifically for the Grand Sport, instead relying on equipment already engineered for other Corvettes. Frank Erbio's LT4-Powered 1996 Corvette is a 330hp stress reliever. Unfortunately, full performance numbers will have to wait until Chevy gets us a production version. 1996 Corvette Specs. The muscle-building program that pumped up the LT1 to an LT4 followed the beaten path to more horsepower: better breathing, higher compression, lower friction, and a few structural enhancements to maintain longevity with the elevated output. LT4 / 330 Horse 6 Speed Transmission Removable Top. Inspiration for the Grand Sport's decor came from a three-car team fielded by John Mecom at the '63 Nassau Speed Week, though certain liberties have been taken. Despite the fact that every other major manufacturer on the globe has essentially abandoned pushrod valve trains in hot pursuit of overhead camshafts and multivalve combustion chambers, GM has so far resisted following the crowd, at least for its mainstream V-6 and V-8 powerplants. More-aggressive cam profiles lift the valves higher and keep them open longer. {{{1996 Corvette}}} Collector EditionThere is no known cure for the bookend affliction: an insatiable desire to own the first and last models from each generation of a collectible car line. Autos had the LT1. Chevy gave the C4 Corvette a grand send off by creating an upgraded small block engine known as the LT4. CONTACT US WHEN READY TO BUY, SELL, LEASE, TRADE OR SHIP A CORVETTE 866-838-8363 - 866-VETTENET, Integral Perimeter Frame/All-Welded-Steel Body Frame Construction, Independent SLA Forged-Aluminum Upper and Lower Control Arms and Steering Knuckle; transverse Monoleaf Spring, steel stabalizer bar, Spindle Offset, Independent 5-Link Design with Tow and Camber Adjustment, Forged Aluminum Control Links and Steering Knuckle, transverse Monoleaf Spring, Steel Tie-Rods and stabalizer bar, Tubular U-Joint Aluminum Drive Shafts, 4-Wheel ABS, Power, Vacuum Four-Wheel Vented Disc, Heavy Duty, Acceleration Slip Regulation, Aluminum Alloy/17" x 8.5" Front, 17" x 9.5 Rear, High-Speed Steel Belted Radial Eagle 40ZR (Goodyear) Unidirectional Asymmetrical. To brighten the Corvette's underhood appearance, Chevrolet has splashed a little red paint here and there. Apr 20, 2019 at 9:31am. The LT1 engine was limited to the automatic transmission. Save $18,971 on a 1996 Chevrolet Corvette near you. ... And speaking of the targa top – taking it out for “the best of both worlds” is not all it’s cracked up to be. Chevrolet introduced us to the new Grand Sport at Road America near Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin-an appropriate location because the original GS racers defended their honor at this four-mile, 14-turn track back in antiquity. wheels, add on wheel flares (coupe only) and a new LT4 engine that output 330 hp. Reaching that plateau with a pushrod valve train in the modern era of stringent emissions standards will be the most significant accomplishment in the small-block V-8's long and distinguished career. When the Corvette turned 40 three years ago, Chevy rolled out a nifty 40th Anniversary Appearance Package. Several options, such as air conditioning and a new cockpit-selectable suspension damping system, can be included, but an automatic transmission isn't available. A swatch of nose tape to distinguish one Mecom racer from the next at Nassau has been converted to two neat orange hash marks on the production model's left front fender (a design that first appeared on Bob Patterson's vintage-race Grand Sport several years ago). (See the accompanying engine spec chart.). The 1996 introduced the new LT4 engine, with 330 horsepower, it was available only with the 6-speed manual transmission. The LT1 was still available and a dividing line of sorts was established with all LT4s mated to manual transmissions and the LT1s assigned automatic transmission duties. THE VETTE NET - YOUR MODERN SOLUTION FOR ALL CORVETTE NEEDS. One reason is heritage: Some 64 million small-block Chevrolet V-8s have been manufactured during the last 41 years, making it the world's most mass-produced automobile engine ever. Q: How fast is a stock 1996 Grand Sport Corvette? 4 out of 5 stars. 34,335 Miles: 1996 Chevy Corvette. There are 19 listings for 1996 Corvette Collectors Edition Lt4, from $8,400 with average price of $15,692 Purchse 1994-1996 Corvette LT1 & LT4 6-speed Clutch & Flywheel Conversion Kit from Zip Corvette - your source for C4 Corvette clutch, shifter & transmission components. A side benefit of the more-aggressive valve timing is that the increase in overlap (a brief period at the end of the combustion cycle when both the intake and the exhaust valves are open) cancels the need for any external exhaust-gas recirculation. Jeff Lavery. This 1996 Chevrolet Corvette LT4 Coupe has a Performance Built LT4 V8, 6 Speed Manual Transmission, CNC Ported Heads, Roller Cam, GM Special 847 Cam, B&M Ripper Shifter w/ Hurst Shift Ball, Long Tube Headers, Flowmaster Exhaust, Drilled & Slotted Rotors, Tinted Targa Top, Carbon Fiber Interior Trim, Dual Power Sport Seats, … ©CORVETTE is a registered trademark of the General Motors Corporation & Chevrolet Motor Division. (This is mainly because the ragtop has nowhere to stow the wider rear tire in the event of a flat.). However, convertibles aren't so well endowed and must make do with standard Corvette wheel and tire sizes. Both the intake and the exhaust valves are larger in diameter to further enhance volumetric efficiency. Another motivation was the fact that a new-generation small-block is coming in '97, and engineers wished to cap off their current Gen2 design with a fanfare. Come test drive a Chevrolet today! Note: The LT4 engine was an option on all regular production Corvettes in 1996. 1996 Corvette Options 1996 C4 Corvette. But that's being snide. The current owner purchased the car in Nov ‘00 from the original owner and has driven the car only 500 miles since he has owned the car. Schroeder Motors is proud to offer this 1996 Grand Sport Corvette for Sale. is independent from GM and is not affiliated with, sponsored or supported by GM. The 2009 Corvette C6 (base vette) has 426hp and 423lb/ft of torque.0-60mph in 4.2 seconds.Top Speed: 190mph (electronically limited)The 2009 Corvette Z06 has … By contrast, what today's certified-for-street-use car lacks in pure power-to-weight ratio, it makes up for in creature comforts and well-rounded civility. Dean Guard, a GM Powertrain engineer, explains that it was the demise of the Corvette ZR-1's LT5 5.7-liter/405-horse DOHC V-8 that led to the development of the 5.7-liter OHV LT4. Fuel-injector covers graphically scream "Corvette," and "Grand Sport" is red-lettered atop the throttle-body housing. For now, it's the quickest, most exciting 1996 Corvette you can buy -- a slice, if only by association, of the Grand Sport racing tradition, … With 330 horsepower under the hood and a few chassis pieces stolen from the late ZR-1, the '96 Grand Sport should have little difficulty stomping on any Cobra that Ford fields this time around. Your information will be collected and used in accordance with our  Privacy Policy. As if to make amends for giving the Grand Sport short shrift 30-plus years ago, Chevrolet has dusted off the name and stuck it onto a hot new Corvette. (Chevrolet may build more depending on demand and its ability to process this special model through its Bowling Green, Kentucky, paint shop.) (This eliminates stress risers, thereby greatly reducing the likelihood of cracks forming at the outer edges of the crankpins.) 3 . ... All 1996 6-speed cars got the LT4. Our intelligence reports say the new engine will be called LS1 and will feature a 5.7-liter aluminum block generating approximately 350 horsepower. In case you're not handy with mathematics, that's precisely one net horsepower per cubic inch. Shop millions of cars from over 21,000 dealers and find the perfect car. Grand Sport coupes slated for sporting duty can instead be fitted with a new Z51 Performance Handling Package option, which includes tighter Bilstein shocks and stiffer calibrations for springs, bushings, and anti-roll bars. Both the wheels and the calipers are painted black with bright aluminum accents. Reply. Frank Sumatra. Beautiful ZR1 Wheels "Power Effects" Exhaust - Sounds Incredible. Another noted complaint of the LT4 engine was the fact that, because it lacked an engine oil cooler, it tended to overheat at sustained top speeds of around 186 miles per hour. Because the GS doesn't receive the ZR-1's bulging rear fenders, a tacked-on eyebrow fender flare shrouds the ultrawide rear tires. The LT1 engine was limited to the automatic transmission. © 2021 MotorTrend | MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC. Grand Sport is the highest-performance regular-production Corvette offered by Chevrolet for 1996 and comes equipped with the required LT4 engine option and 6-speed manual transmission. New positive-twist top compression rings maintain a superior combustion seal at high rpm. by Fast cars from Chicago Il on Mon Nov 14 2011 When buying a used Lt1 C4 Corvette: Check the weather stripping, Optispark, and if … More than a half-century later, the LT4 is graphic demonstration that tried-and-true designs can continue to deliver impressive performance when given the proper care and feeding. Find 1996 Corvette Collectors Edition Lt4 at the best price . The LT4 was officially rated at 330 horsepower when introduced in the 1996 Chevrolet Corvette Special Edition models. The hot LT4 option (standard in the Grand Sport) could only be had with the 6spd manual GM Powertrain engineer Dean Guard explains that it was the demise of the ZR-1’s high revving quad cam LT5 V8 (which was decided back in 1993) that led to the development of the high revving LT4. 7. We know that the LT4 cracks the curtain for Chevrolet's coming act: the Gen3 small-block V-8 scheduled to make its debut with the next-generation Corvette.

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