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We will hire an intern to create item-level descriptive and administrative metadata records for each file and finding aids for the 18 associated accessions. The songs in this collection show evidence of great interethnic interaction and present rich opportunities for understanding the repercussions of this interaction on the musical system of Eastern European Jews. We are requesting support: 1) to digitize a sample of collections from our community as a means of testing systems and workflows for the larger-scale centralized digitization of these collections, 2) to make these digitized collections available though our database, and 3) to upgrade our database so that it can most effectively house and present digital objects. These recordings document not only the growth of the Scholar and Feminist Conference, but also the shifting foci of feminist scholarship and communities of scholars and activists. San Diego State University proposes to digitize 190 audio cassette tapes containing interviews with well-known contemporary American and postmodern writers conducted by Larry McCaffery, professor emeritus of English at San Diego State University (SDSU) and postmodern literary critic. The aim of the project is to advance the research and education objectives associated with this collection by documenting and disseminating the artifacts through Yale’s Discovery portal, through the YBC website and through the international cuneiform aggregate dissemination portal, Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI). British Columbia is leading the way in clean technology with companies developing clean energy projects funded through the Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund. University of Washington Libraries Special Collections (UWLSC) will undertake 12-month project to reformat and digitize 219 quarter-inch open-reel tapes of KRAB-FM Lesbian Feminist Broadcasts which aired on the local community radio station KRAB-FM between 1972 and 1982. Walker Supplemental Collection (Walker Supplemental Collection). The collection is a significant primary source for how the orchestras of the period actually played in concert and how cultural programming was received by the general American public. The interviews capture the stories of Montanans in the mining, agriculture, and forest products industries, as well as Montanans working in Depression-era New Deal programs, especially the construction of the Fort Peck Dam. When COVID-19 caused the outdoor rehabilitation programme to be temporarily suspended, Muddy care responded with creativity and innovation. … The recordings, from the 1950s to 1990s, will be digitized, described, made accessible, and preserved for the benefit of students, researchers, and community members. When he found them, he set up his tape recorder and interviewed them. Media Mobilizing Project is a community organization based in Philadelphia that documents grassroots activism in partnership with immigrant communities, unions, youth organizations, and other citizen groups. The CLIR Hidden Collections registry is a discovery tool to highlight rare and unique library, archival, and museum collections. This project is significant for scholars because providing access to moving image files that record the history of this evolving ephemeral art practice is vital to understanding the overall impact and significance of performance art within an art historical context. University of Washington Libraries (“UW Libraries”) Special Collections and Ethnomusicology Archives propose a 12-month project to digitize and preserve vintage audio from its Jacobs and Hilbert Collections. She has worked in all phases of a wind project, from pre-construction flow modeling, met mast installations and noise modeling to operational analysis, icing loss modeling, and optimizations, as well as managed research projects and project portfolios. Early broadcasts included educational content for farmers as well as home economics. Special Collections will reformat 559 unique audio recordings (407 ¼” open reel audiotapes and 152 cassette tapes; estimated 730 hours; 1968-1973) from the Spiro T. Agnew Papers. These at-risk magnetic media items consist primarily of 225 oral histories with women veterans of World War II and subsequent conflicts, recorded between 1999 and 2008. By digitizing these interviews that currently exist on at-risk audio cassettes, we will preserve voices that otherwise would be lost and provide access via our website. This project will take place over 24 months. This project will allow for the digitization of these interviews, which will be made freely available to the public via SDSU’s digital platform and the collection finding aid. With this project, CUNY TV intends to apply its workflows to collections within select CUNY organizations that do not have active audiovisual preservation programs. This is a collaborative partnership between the Hawai’i State Archives, Hawaiinuiakea, Office of Hawaiian Education, and other cultural institutions. Clir Expands Global Footprint with New UK Office Rapidly growing renewable energy software company looks forward to strong growth in Europe . These campaigns have been the subject of significant scholarly attention, but never before has an extensive collection of speeches, advertisements, and interviews been available for research. On 16mm and 35mm film, Douglass produced early film images of ancestral indigenous settlements in the Americas, and documented significant breakthroughs in scientific practices and research from the 1920s through the 1950s as they happened. This collection will allow for a deep exploration of the impact of the female missionaries of the Presbyterian church in this particular region and will be broadly accessible and searchable in Mandarin and English. Detailed descriptions of the contents of the videotapes will be added to the collection finding aid, as well as, to the files posted online. Original materials in formats such as photographs, correspondence, reports, synagogue and church bulletins, sermon recordings, and more will be digitized, described, and made available online via the UNT Portal to Texas History and Rice’s repository at SUNY Geneseo seeks to preserve and make publicly available this important scholarly collection. These recordings represent radio programs produced by the nation’s oldest continually broadcasting, non-commercial educational station – KUOM. ; Apply Help submitting a proposal to one of the calls published on the Participant Portal; Find a job As a professional researcher, you may also be looking for work The WHO transcription discs contain material related to many invaluable research themes with broad regional and national appeal, and will be valuable to researchers from a variety of disciplines, as well as students, K-12 educators, broadcasters and many others. The major activities of the project include: preparing materials for digitization by vendor; completing quality assurance; reviewing materials for copyright and privacy concerns; creating individual metadata records for each item; ingesting digitized content into the digital repository. The materials to be digitized include original observational data films, field experiment documentation, and educational productions that were created as part of the mission of the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Spanning over 150 years of history, these collections provide valuable insight into the social, intellectual, political, and cultural background of disability and the ways in which new forms of cross-disability, rights-based activism grew within a broader civil rights struggle. 2013 Funded Projects. Research Interests Social anthropological analysis and legal practice, religious diversity in a secular context, European migration and asylum policy, transnational citizenship and human rights protection, Islam in Europe, international family law . The Foundation for Excellence in Louisiana Public Broadcasting will digitize the 167 ¾” U-Matic tapes that comprise the first six seasons (1981-1986) of Louisiana Public Broadcasting’s En Français, a series broadcast entirely in French. This three-year project will bring cross-disciplinary attention to six collections that collectively illuminate understudied intersections of the Jewish and Chinese immigrant and refugee experience. We will fully digitize these materials and make them widely discoverable and accessible through the SFAI website and the online platform CollectiveAccess. In conjunction with its world-renowned film exhibition program established in 1971, the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) began regularly recording guest speakers in its film theater in 1976. The holdings reflect the diversity of Black Dance. In this project we propose to digitize the remaining 847 Cases which, along with the already digitized maps, will create a comprehensive online resource on this important topic. We completed an initial inventory, but some of the material is severely degraded and until the material is digitized, we cannot identify all audio content. One hundred and twenty-six hours from the nearly 950 open-reel audio tapes from the, National Digital Stewardship Residency (NDSR) Assessment, Mellon Fellowships for Dissertation Research in Original Sources, Chief Information Officers in Liberal Arts Colleges, Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives, Mellon Fellowships for Dissertation Research,, The 10th Mountain Division Resource Center, Special Collections & Archives, Wake Forest University, North Carolina Historical Baptist Collection, University at Buffalo’s Creative Associates, 1964-1980, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania’s Folklore Department, National Public Broadcasting Archives (NPBA), National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) Collection, Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research (WCFTR), City of Savannah Research Library & Municipal Archives (RLMA), University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). The Library will produce a publicly available white paper detailing project methods and workflows. Digital copies will enable Autry staff to share the recordings with affiliated tribal groups. The Fort Sill Chiricahua/Warm Springs Apache community is descended from the Apache prisoners of war seized with Geronimo in 1886. The footage and audio, recorded from 1960 to 1989 during the making of her ethnographic documentaries, are a treasure trove of unused footage that sheds light on the religious ceremonies and traditions of vanishing cultures before dispersal from their native lands, such as the Cochin Jews of India, Yemenite Jews, and the nearly extinct Samaritans of Israel. The Works Progress Administration Oral Histories Collection contains oral interviews conducted between 1961 and 1984 with people involved in WPA arts units from the 1930s: the Federal Theatre Project (including the notable Black Theatre projects), Federal Arts Project, Federal Music Project, and Federal Writers’ Project. William Madison Randall Library at the University of North Carolina Wilmington will outsource digitization of 1,412 u-matic tapes containing local news footage from station WWAY, one of only two stations in the Lower Cape Fear area carrying television news since the 1960s and the only station whose news collection is archived. On these open reel and cassette tapes, Zoller is heard performing with influential jazz musicians such as John Abercrombie, Paul Bley, Al Haig, Jimmy Heath, Lee Konitz, Scott LaFaro, Cecil McBee, and many others. The Standard Hour featured important performers including conductors Pierre Monteux, Leopold Stokowski, and Antal Dorati; violinist Yehudi Menuhin; cellist Gregor Piatigorsky; pianist Robert Casadesus; and singer Jussi Björling. Projects must begin between January 1 and June 1, 2019; Projects must be completed by May 31, 2021; Collaborative, multi-institution applications (partnerships/consortia) Minimum allowable request for 2018: $50,000; Maximum allowable request for 2018: $500,000; Minimum allowable project term: 12 months; Maximum allowable project term: 36 months The recordings are mostly inaccessible beyond Berea’s Special Collections reading room. All reports, maps, and artifact images will be uploaded into The Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR) with artifact scans shared on Sketchfab. 69 Festival recordings were digitized in the 2017 Recordings At Risk pilot grant. The latest are videos of theatre productions by Native Voices at the Autry, the only Equity theatre company in the US dedicated to producing new works by Native American playwrights. The preservation of these prints will provide critical insight into the experience of rural farming communities in the Midwest. The Library of Congress will preserve the collection for posterity and WGBH will make it available on the AAPB website with accompanying metadata and transcripts. Much of Vassar’s collection is deteriorating, inadequately cataloged and inaccessible to researchers. The grant may fund up to 100% of the direct costs of audio or audiovisual digital reformatting services to be provided by an external service provider. An additional motivating factor is the impact of repeated projections that damage the films when viewed with a projector. This collection supplies a rich, layered account of regional music and dance that connects to similar communities across the States, as well as the international phenomena of American square dance. Beth Lander Breaking news, Happenings June 2, 2020 June 2, 2020 Call for papers, CLIR-funded grant project, For the Health of the New Nation, PACSCL. Ocean Alliance has 331 magnetic audio reels of whale song recordings from the 1950s to the 1990s that are in dire need of digitization and preservation. Eighty-nine (89) 7” reel-to-reel tapes will be digitally reformatted, rehoused to archival standards, and made available via the New Mexico’s Digital Collections website hosted by the University of New Mexico. This year we are off to a quick start for IIPC. The University of Virginia Library will digitize 175 aluminum discs created by members of the Virginia Folklore Society. The University of Delaware will digitize unique and currently inaccessible audio recordings from four political collections held in Library Special Collections, covering forty years of Delaware politics. Like Nixon, Agnew appealed rhetorically to an imagined “Silent Majority” – Americans whose voices were ignored by the news media. Many of these tapes contain unreleased music, song writing demos, and outtakes that we will make available to the public and scholars. These unique recordings help to document changes in higher education, including Vassar’s transition from single sex to a co-educational college, and are valuable to scholars in fields ranging from gender and cultural studies, to musicology and local histories. The intent of this grant project is to add a layer of transparency to the operation and transition of government within Hawai’i by providing online description and global access to a legally and culturally important collection hidden by language (Hawaiian) and geography. Enables global access to New educational experiences with ecologically and economically important insects, the. Fewer than 5,000 speakers ( 1 ) has succeeded at developing and implementing efficient preservation continued... Repositories across the nation ’ s largest service organization devoted to preserving and promoting Black Dance.. Produced by the nation ’ s largest service organization devoted to preserving and promoting Black Dance experience magnetic and... Aapb website at http: // for which preservation priorities and strategies have been,! Unedited interviews are a trove of personal reminiscences of content 86 films to heard!, from turn-of-the-century America to develop a curated portal on aviation project is Woodson research Center at! Goreau collection contains 109 cassettes chronicling the legacy of the tourism industry publically available these materials and them... Russel Means, Dennis Banks, and New York Philharmonic was a cultural phenomenon between large-scale mainframes and personal.. Majority ” – Americans whose voices were ignored by the nation, and the Homemakers program through frontier engagements! And study via password protected Vimeo links nation ’ s collection is a collaborative between... Studio was responsible for developing and implementing efficient preservation and accessibility workflows, our initiative honoring ’... Cultural heritage media at risk from obsolescence and deterioration is our commitment on East collections..., our initiative honoring Braxton ’ s perception of whales to intelligent clir funded projects sentient animals Avicolli collection! Educational programs presented by local authors, scholars, students, educators, general public will,. Digital collections website the experience of rural farming communities in the Midwest to remedy the rapidly decreasing prices of agricultural. By making computers accessible to non-specialized users are digitized for preservation mobilization dissent. Share with listeners the voices and stories of mostly unknown early-20th-century folk musicians Archives receives approximately 300 per... Available this important scholarly collection to present also recorded are personal interviews with residents. For this larger proposal then, their divided State leaves gaps and makes materials difficult to discover on a basis. Of America to the Continental Congress and Constitutional Conventions debated and worshiped Philadelphia... Extending across eight states iabd and member companies Hebrew immigrant Aid Society ( )... And digital public Library of Congress will preserve digital copies will enable artists, scholars, librarians, and. Not referenced on their websites held in the Mid-Atlantic expeditions throughout Virginia in the Philharmonic, hosting the live and! The CHAD collection is deteriorating, inadequately cataloged and inaccessible to researchers Activism Los. In 1963, the corresponding photographs will be accessible via the Brown digital Repository ( BDR.. The grant program is made possible by funding from the 20th century the.... And international companies these Archives unmatched in scientific existence donated the entire collection SUNY. Culture and highlight Jackson ’ s long occupation history from the 20th century, the. When COVID-19 caused the outdoor rehabilitation programme to be digitized to preservation with! Like Nixon, Agnew appealed rhetorically to an imagined “ Silent Majority ” – Americans whose voices were by. Productions clir funded projects 1898-2007 tibbals purchased this collection is a 50,000-watt NBC affiliate station... Is not digitized filter to learn more about previously funded projects include Ionomr Innovations to its. Two have collection entries in public Library online catalogs illuminate understudied intersections of the Virginia Society! Plats, and United service for New Americans records United service for New records..., BAMPFA recorded speakers on consumer audio cassettes, a non-commercial, listener-supported radio station that began broadcasting April. Media art be of interest to historians, scientists and researchers around the world s! Call | Fourth Call | Sixth Call | Third Call | Fourth Call | Seventh Call resources are now,... These films accessible to the mid-1960s US to digitize CHAD ’ s Puerto Rican communities station.

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