is an art therapy degree worth it

The revealed comparative advantage (RCA) shows that Art Therapy majors need more than the average amount of … Yes. I found that my job opportunities expanded once I also had the second masters and clinical credential that was more traditional and more well recognized in the province (BC) and now the state (California) where I live. I’m 19 years old, and I’m majoring in Art Therapy at Anna Maria College. Do you all think this would be something to honestly pursue? An undergraduate degree in art therapy is meant to prepare students for work in a therapeutic setting and for graduate work in the field of art therapy. Goodness, I love my job as an AT. I am having trouble narrowing down options for Graduate Schools in the United States. After all, we paid good money for our degrees! I was supposed to take instership program but there was none of MFT intership programs for me, I felt like I am too old to start over again. The program integrates a strong fine arts background with an in-depth study of psychology and art therapy. How Do I get Into Art Therapy School? The educational standards require graduate level coursework that includes training in the creative process, psychological development, group therapy, art therapy assessment, psychodiagnostics, research methods, and multicultural diversity competence. If I had pursued Counseling or Social Work, I would always be wondering, should I have pursued Art Therapy instead? I have looked at NYU but WOW thats would be double the price than at FSU and i am not even sure about a certification as anything else. I agree with Kristina, it is important for art therapists to be willing to market themselves as art therapists, especially if they are not going to work in a city where they will probably get a job as an art therapist. Hi Everyone! A master’s degree is necessary for entry-level practice in Art Therapy. Wow, I am an Architect considering art therapy as a career also. Yes, it is true and you will find it at World Education University (WEU). Any advice from those of you already in the field would be great. Although I am employed as a “school based counselor” for a mental health center, I am an art therapist. dance, singing, painting, sculpting etc.) Inclusion of a program on this list is not indicative of an endorsement by the AATA but is offered for information purposes. An Art Therapist, according to the American Art Therapy Association, is someone who has their Master’s Degree in Art Therapy. Hi, everyone. Meaning, Studying counceling and been able to take the classes necesary for the AT certificaiton. I was accepted to two Master’s programs. Like BCVC, I have managed to survive due to the MFT component and have been licensed for several years as an MFT. I just hope one day the educational system is equalized globally in the sense of enabling people to do their work and share their experiences globally. Since I have a Master’s already, I have looked into a great program that offers a Doctorate in Art Education specializing in Art Therapy and Counseling. I never seem to find a decent answer to this question, and it would be very nice to hear the opinion of someone in this career path. I run 7 art therapy groups per week and do mostly art or experiential therapy in groups or individual therapy. I’m currently trying to complete a bachelors degree in Social Work with an art minor in hopes to one day become an art therapist for children and young adults. Kristin – Don’t know if you’ll see this comment, but I’d love to hear more about your plan of being an art therapist/counselor for those both studying to be in art-related fields and those working in art-related fields. I’ve been looking into this occupation but the job outlook is hazy. You will spend precious years of your life getting degrees and letters after your name only to make $50k tops a year. isn’t it? No wonder only old ladies go into this field, husbands pay for school, support them during their unpaid volunteer time, and bankroll their private practice that is not making money but who cares? That it’s worth all the money and all the time. Unfortunately, it’s still not quite as popular as some other therapies, but most major metros should have several options for you to explore. I also cant afford a or have the time to pursue a $40,000 graduate degree in Art Therapy or Counseling degree. University teaching, even? Well, yes, that accounts for America, and as I understand for Australia and the UK as well. If you have the desire and means to pursue a private practice (the income protection from a spouse is helpful for ANYONE in private practice, regardless of the degree), wonderful–but get the FT job, pay off your loans, and get good experience under your belt first. Individuals who graduate with their master’s degree in art therapy can pursue further national credentialing and licensure (depending on the state of practice). The program offers a degree in MFT/Art therapy. Which forced me to elsewhere; to have a back-up. I have a Master’s degree in Art Therapy from Florida State University, which I paid approximately $55,000 for out-of-state tuition. Where did you go for your Masters? Whether obtained at … Really consider your options, and where (geographically) you may end up after graduate school. Yet, even here jobs prospects are limited. Hello, Some locations have a higher demand for art therapists and art therapy related positions, so you will have to do some investigation to check the career health of art therapy for your location, whether you’re willing to move, and so on. There are so many variables that can make a difference in these things, especially when you factor in what type of AT job you see yourself in. Thank you. I’m thinking of getting my Masters in Art Therapy. If becoming a licensed and certified art therapist isn’t for you, then you can still broaden your horizon by utilizing art and creativity in other jobs/careers, such as speech therapy, counselling, psychotherapy, and many others (know some others? I thought it was just me.:). So what do you think? It requires a lot of self-marketing and self-care on our part. I am 25 years old, and I have struggle seven years of trying to my bachelor’s degree. . I am tired and don’t which way is up anymore. It is frustrating that with this intense education I am obviously not allowed to practice as an art therapist in those countries, whereas people with “less education” can. Can one survive comfortably with this job? My parents and family have been pressuring me open my options more. What’s more expensive than going to college? Until recently, the answer was easy: not going to college. I’ve spoke with several therapists in independent practice (though no art therapists, yet, though I will) about their challenges. I studied art therapy in Canada, worked for several years on that credential, and then followed that graduate credential up with a second degree in ecosystemic/developmental clinical practice. All of these lead to helping individuals heal. When anyone graduates, and they need to get their supervised hours, they will have a difficult time being underpaid, etc, regardless of the degree. To me, its all counselling, listen, understand, and try to give solution to help patients. I’m a freshman in high school and graduate in 2018. If I own my business for art therapy and growing fast, i would consider to hire some art therapists. All that being said, I am still deciding. I change art schools twice; both stayed only a year. Please send me an email about your experiences or advice! I like Art Therapy it grabs my attention, and I also like pediatric Physiotherapy. By then your partner will probably have died of a heart attack and hopefully they will leave you enough money to carry on telling everyone you are a retired art therapist or some bullshit like that. The school nearby offers an MFT license with emphasis on expressive art therapy. An undergraduate degree in art therapy often prepares students to enter a master's degree program in the subject, but it can also prepare graduates for entry-level careers in the field. Throughout our supervision hours, he has come to truly appreciate the depth of therapy that can be accomplished through the art-making process. Thanks! Now, about getting the required face-to-face hours to get the license to bill insurance: it has come to my attention that there are clinics that are advertising for Bachelor’s level therapists, and some are rural. I am curious if anyone has any recommendations as to which degree programs are better and what school offers them. This will be helpful for your future career opportunities especially if you stay in MN. Because…. My supervisor is a clinical psychologist who was open to art therapy. I’m currently debating whether or not to pursue art therapy. My supervisor suggested that I meet with the center director to obtain a job once I graduate. However, after reading all of the post on this site I became very discouraged and wondered if I will be making a big mistake by investing so much time and money into a degree that I may never use. Does it help to be a licensed MFT in case there arent many opportunities for an art therapist? All rights reserved. I have ATR-BC, and LPC credentials as well as an ATRL-licensed art psychotherapist credential. I am hoping that in the near future this will change. At my current internship site, I began an art therapy program. Many want me to work with them so they can learn a technique and apply it themselves and when the grant ends have me move on. I do not like to struggle nor do I have to find out that no one will hire me because of this. I even went to the school there as an undergrad studying psychology and minoring in fine arts. Most art therapist positions require a master's degree, and some states require additional certification. Any advice or insights will help. And I have mixed feelings, because reading people’s different reviews on things. I live in Maine, so i’m pretty sure, by the sounds of majority of the comments I’ve read, that I would have to move. P.s. It is an ongoing battle. I believe the answer is yes, but I would like to hear what others believe too as reinforcement. I have become worried that I will barely be able to support myself, seeing online what art therapists are paid. Thank you and have a great day! A lot of these comments resonate with me. I am already struggling as it is. Hello! Most of it was financial or family matters problems. Thank you for the comments. Good luck! Hi, I am considering studying Art Therapy (I have a fine art degree). I got my Master’s in AT in spring of 08 and haven’t been able to find good, consistent work. Also, in response to the image posted previously, I just don’t understand the image and want to hear the thoughts about it by the admin. I’m 58 yrs old, divorced and on disability. These comments would certainly be depressing for anyone interested in pursuing Art Therapy. I wish each of you the best. I am wondering is this job is good on money (enough to pay off student loans) and support a family with out much struggle; any opinions? Also, where did you study? I have notice that in some schools ( not that many, maybe i am not hat great in researching school programs) i have notice that you could get certified as a LMHC with some classes through the AT program without necesarly being part of the LMHC masters. I'm biased but I'd get a regular degree in psych and specialize in art therapy. Art therapy practice requires knowledge of and skills in usage of visual art (drawing, painting, sculpture, and other art forms) and the creative process, coupled with application of theories and techniques of human development, psychology, and counseling. Which I don’t really want to do, but am willing. I’m currently enrolled in the BFA Art Education program, but if that doesn’t work out (teaching positions are difficult to find on Long Island, especially with the cuts they are making), I may continue my education and enroll in the Master’s art therapy program at C.W. Talk to the art therapists there and listen to what they have to say. I’m worried that I won’t find a job. Do any current AT’s have advise for me as for schooling? So if anybody tells you that a dual degree will give you job security, they are right, but it may not be what you set out to do, it may not be your dream. With all the evidence-based practice, billing, severe diagnosis, and productivity …it makes working as a therapist not my cup of tea. I was close to getting a BFA in illustration, but recently dropped out due to the cost, and the realization that I dont want to be a freelance artist, I’d rather directly HELP people more. This seems to be a really unique twist on the more conventional practices of art therapy, and I’d like to pick your brain a bit about it. At AGS you can also get training to become licensed as either a Marriage and Family therapist or Professional Councelor (LPCC)while getting yout AT training. I have read all comments here, which made me realized that an art therapy career might not be very popular. Many art therapists choose to combine an art therapy degree with a degree in social work, marriage and family counseling, and occupational therapy… I love Art, and the effect it has on people. Does anyone know how difficult it is to work in states that recognize LPC if you are an LMHC? I was thinking of going between Art gallery and Art therapy. I am in process myself, and am enjoying it from all directions. Upon getting a certification and degree, you are now able to open up your own center, great. What really bothers me is science. But the reward greatly outweighs the challenges. Both options seem to be not the best career move, but if it’s what I love, then it won’t be work. I live in Texas currently, but anywhere within the U.S. would be suffice? After seeing the photo, I thought it was hilarious. In a smaller town, often the ATR credential will be an add-on to an LPC-dominant job title (i.e. Each school's ranking is based on the compilation of our … From what I understand, as it stands right now, art therapist have to market themselves. My husband will be graduating with a masters in school counseling as well as the necessary coursework/hours for his LPC. I am still unsure of going to masters for art therapy, since my bf wants to get a masters also at either SVA or Pratt Institute. Frustrations around insurance billing is a MAJOR theme! I am looking quite seriously at entering a masters program for AT but am doing some research first as I would have to take out loans and what not to achieve the degree. It’s a funny thought though that there is a master study without a bachelor study upfront..

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