acer palmatum fireglow vs bloodgood

Also known as Japanese maple, varieties differ in their colouration and degree of dissection, but remain similar in their graceful nature and stunning colour, especially come Autumn. Another disadvantage of this variety is that many nurseries sell Atropurpureum Japanese Maple under the name Bloodgood, which causes confusion and misconceptions about this maple. ‘Fireglow’ ähnelt etwas dem ‘Bloodgood’, unterscheidet sich jedoch von diesem durch seine Blätter, die weniger tief gelappt sind. The point being how many of these Red up right palmatums are actually needed and of value in the trade? Rate of Growth: Moderate. Optionen auswählen. Site in locations protected from strong winds. Due to its widespread use, Bloodgood has become so common that many gardeners are looking for something more unusual. So it is a compact maple that grows 0.5-1 feet per year. It is a taller specimen than Japanese Maple growing to about 5m tall. Acer palmatum ‘Osakazuki akame’ is a Broader growing form than the standard ‘Osakazuki’, this selection shares the same sturdy stature and amazing fall color with olive orange leaves in spring which slowly change to green as they mature.. Garden Size: 20’H x 15’W. Almost everyone remembers the spring scent of lilac, which reminds him of childhood. However, Fireglow does not have such deep cuts that make its leaves flatter.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'worldofgardenplants_com-leader-1','ezslot_10',112,'0','0'])); In general, Bloodgood has more decorative foliage, and this is its advantage over the competitor. Images show mature tree with deep spring color. The leaves are a dull dark purple with green on the underside and red winged seeds which I didn't notice on the others and am now reading on the net that Bloodgoods have. Acer palmatum 'Oshio-Beni' Sku #0105. So what can be said for sure is that Bloodgood is not suitable for a small yard, as a 20-foot-wide tree also requires extra space around it. A. palmatum has 5-7 lobed leaves that are 5-10 cm. Bloodgood color is darker Mostly Fireglow and Bloodgood differ in leaf color. There are many garden-worthy cultivars available, which have been bred for their leaf shapes and colours. Acer palmatum 'Fireglow' 138 £635.95 View. Originated in Fratelli Gilardelli Nursery (Milan, Italy). We love the red ones! Foliage is deep red to … Although it is vigorous, it does not become as tall and widespread as 'Bloodgood' thus making it an excellent garden or container plant. As a result, in the first 20 years, these two maples will have different shapes. All this gives additional interest to this variety.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'worldofgardenplants_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',108,'0','0'])); Both of these varieties hold their color well and do not burn in full sun. Ziergehölz, langsamer im Wuchs, Blätter tiefrot, groß und derb. Compared with many other trees and shrubs they have few pests or diseases and are versatile enough to thrive in locations ranging from full shade to full sun. These days you can find a large number of... Hi I’m Igor. ‘Bloodgood’ is a problem-free specimen and a hardy, vigorous grower capable of providing up to 20’ of symmetrical, rounded branching. This popular cultivar maintains its red leaf color longer into the summer than most. 'Fireglow' leafs out as a bright fiery red, before maturing to a deep maroon for the summer. General plant form is rounded to broad-rounded, often with low branching. Green. The best autumn colour display will be seen if this maple is planted in a position sheltered from strong winds. Au… Weiterlesen. However, the color will not always be bright. Over here, in order to introduce a new cultivar, many growers go through a Âpeer review process by presenting their plants to a jury at famous Plant Fairs. The fireglow leaves seem a bit easier to be burned by the sun, the color is more red than the darker purple of bloodgood's, and is a smaller tree. That last comment should read "for a pretty reasonable PRICE". Kübel, Solitär, Ziergehölz, Steingarten Wasser. When compared to the Japanese maple in size, form, leaf shape, and color, few other plants present so many options. Beni Kawa (Acer palmatum ‘Beni Kawa’) is a small, heat-tolerant maple tree with red stems and green leaves that turn bright golden-yellow in autumn. Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ makes a beautiful small tree, bearing beautiful lobed leaves, which are deep purple in summer, turning scarlet in autumn. Leaves have typical A. palmatum leaf shape, has 5 lobes, including 2 small lobes near base of blade, lobes divided to about half the distance to the center (proximal end of petiole), deep reddish-purple leaf color held well into summer, but may "bronze out" before turning crimson in the fall. Graceful, arching deciduous tree displaying deeply-lobed, finely-serrated, brilliant red-orange leaves. The staggering diversity of Japanese maple varieties, has been remarkably generated primarily from just three species: Acer palmatum, Acer japonicum (native to Japan, Korea, and China), and Acer shirasawanum (native to Japan). Only enough sun will make these maples unique. First to your specific question: the answer is yes, you can tell Bloodgood, Fireglow and Emperor apart easily if you plant them together in your garden and if they come from reputable sources that guarantee the cultivar origins. Is this too complected?I have one Bloodgood where the sun cuts off at about 4 and it is looking supreme, but it is spring. Bloodgood's color can vary in summer from green to maroon depending on light conditions. I suggest Lorapetalum chinensis 'purpurea', Dodonea viscosa 'purpurea' or Phormium tenax 'rubra' or an Acer palmaturm 'Bloodgood' between the windows... Beautiful home Laura, you've made great decisions. Wells-Medina Nursery, Bellevue stocked 100-150 kinds of Japanese maples this year. Acer Palmatum 'Fireglow' is a moderate growing tree that can be grown in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5A through 9B. Fireglow is a bright cherry red that stays that way most of the season. Its color can be described as scarlet, sometimes lighter and sometimes darker. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. Depending on how tall the Fireglow was before you bought it, it will take about 5 to 10 years before reaching its maximum height (8-10 feet). Think of your counter as the beach...Remember its very easy to bring in pops of color with accessories-I tend to change mine according to the season. Mulch helps retain soil moisture and keep roots cool. Non evergreen tree with deep red leaves turning bright red in Autumn. Fireglow is one of the most outstanding upright Japanese maples we grow. While Bloodgood will have an elongated shape for a long time because to reach a maximum height and form a wide canopy, it will take much longer.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'worldofgardenplants_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_5',111,'0','0'])); So if you need to get a compact branched tree quickly, then choose Fireglow. Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' Spring Color. COPYRIGHT © 2020 WORLD OF GARDEN PLANTS. $79.99 1. When the leaves begin to appear on Bloodgood, they have a rich dark red-burgundy color. This variety got its name from the last name of its originator, which accurately described this maple’s appearance. Genus Acer can be deciduous trees or large shrubs with paired, often palmately-lobed leaves and small flowers followed by characteristic winged fruits. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to While this is not foolproof , it is certainly better than just proposing you Ânew cultivar in e-bay. Its relatively fine texture sets it apart from other landscape plants with less refined foliage. The robust, upright tree has large, deep red leaves that push bright red in spring. This gives the maple a certain charisma. PS : I received a Villa Taranto today and oh my G. is it a nice tree, As a novice collector I think that to find a gifted grafter is very well worth sticking with as this graft is superior, it is very low, the under stock color is as the scions and it will be invisible next year or in the tree's third year. Each palmate green leaf (2-5" long) has 5 or 7 but less frequently 9 pointed toothed lobes. Sorry I misread your post, You are correct in calling the leaves a cherry color, the bark color does differ a bit as well. It matures to an average height of 12 feet to 15 feet and an average width of 10 feet to 15 feet, depending on climate and other environmental factors. Size. Same problem with some of the conifer witches brooms. I do like the pale blue photo posted at the top of this thread-but maybe use that for the backsplash color? I just purchased a Fireglow that was a lot darker than the others there but I liked the shape the best. Acer palmatum 'Wolff' I’ll never forget when, in the mid-1990s, I called up a renowned nurseryman in Pennsylvania with questions about a holly, and he shifted the conversation to a new Japanese maple he had bred. While some are truly new, many are almost indistinguishable from other existing cultivars (and I do have many examples). Provides artistic lacy effect that contrasts well with green-leafed plants. Here the main thing is not to prune more than 30% of the branches per year and always treat wounds after shortening. Hydrangeas, butterfly bushes or a mix of variegated leafy shrubs...see Walpole Woodworkers for some great ideas. Or does the individual plant, light, soil, moisture all play a more important part in how the plant looks? Filtered sun. Does anyone know if FG's have that as well or how I might be able to tell the difference? Of course, you can control the size of your maple by pruning. The problem is with the new (last 10-15 years) cultivars. Now, to the general question, my approach is that if you stick to the old cultivars, then you play it safe since they each have a distinct specific feature. Is fireglow really that much better and worth the extra search/cost? Normaler Boden. ‘Fireglow’ ähnelt etwas dem ‘Bloodgood’, unterscheidet sich jedoch von diesem durch seine Blätter, die weniger tief gelappt sind. It is one of the darkest reds of any cultivar. Garden Maple Its size after ten years is 8-10 feet in height and width. Sie verleihen dem Roten Fächer-Ahorn einen fließenden und eleganten Habitus. Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ makes a beautiful small tree, bearing beautiful lobed leaves, which are deep purple in summer, turning scarlet in autumn. Graceful and elegant, Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) are an excellent addition to most gardens.Essentially carefree once established, they offer year-round interest with their ever-changing beauty. I might add bloodgood tends to grow more vertical and fireglow is more twiggy and tends to spread out more instead of vertical. Der (bot.) I just purchased a tree called Fireglow, it was from a respected dealer in the NW, however the leaves are less then remarkable. Osakazuki Akame Japanese Maple. Acer Palmatum Group: Amoenum – Red. Regarded as one of the best purple-leaved Japanese Maples, award-winning Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' is a large deciduous shrub or small rounded tree of great beauty in all seasons. Acer palmatum, commonly called Japanese maple, is a deciduous shrub or small tree that typically grows to 10-25' (infrequently to 40') tall. Holds colour well. Red is the color to attract auspicious energy into your house and your life! This extra space is needed to get enough sun and for good air circulation. A good example of the "new" cultivars being basically the same as older ones the red barron ...a really nice tree but it is indisiguishable from the E1 IMHO it's shape and size or hardiness may eventually be a determinant factor but otherwise I SERIOUSLY cannot tell the differnce !! Acer Palmatum Fireglow was introduced by Fratelli Gilardelli, from Italy in the 1970's and is classed a relatively new Japanese Maple. This delay actually helped during that cold snap in April. Position: Sun – Part Shade (Sheltered position) Soil Ph: Acid – Neutral. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Frage Nr. After ten years of cultivation, its size is 15-20 feet, with a width approximately the same or slightly larger—annual growth of more than one foot.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'worldofgardenplants_com-box-4','ezslot_3',109,'0','0'])); I must also warn you that in a warm climate and under favorable conditions, this maple in many years can reach 30 feet or more in height. Acer Chromebook 314 (14 Zoll Full-HD IPS Touchscreen matt, 19,7mm flach, extrem Lange Akkulaufzeit, schnelles WLAN, MicroSD Slot, Google Chrome OS) Silber Schnell. another tree you might want to consider is an Emperor 1. If I planted 10 of each, Fireglow, Bloodgood and Emperor 1 could you tell them apart by mid July or August? Try Emery's Garden in Lynnwood - huge selection of J. maples, the best in the PNW. Over the years of cultivation, these varieties have become significantly spread, and a real war broke out between them for gardeners’ hearts. Farrow and Ball also has a color called "Blackened" which reads a pale blue-and combined w/ a warm white would tie everything you have going on together. link to Miss Kim Lilac vs Dwarf Korean Lilac: Same Or Different. More information about differences and similarities between these two maples here - Fireglow vs Bloodgood Japanese Maple, You could easily go full on Craftsman which is what it sounds like you are leaning towards anyway. On the other hand, Bloodgood is more significant than its competitor. a vigorous, upright, well-branched shrub, similar to the popular Bloodgood. When the leaves begin to appear on Bloodgood, they have a rich dark red-burgundy color. Careful: frequent hybridization with shirasawanum, sold as a palmatum cultivar (e.g. Lots of redleaf ones still there to look at and compare. That may or may not me be the case with the plants discussed here but there seems to be a lot of plants being named and a lot of redundancy. Compare them below. Bloodgood has deep-cut leaves that look very distinct from a distance. So be sure to give them at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. That last comment should read "for a pretty reasonable PRICE". With attention given to their location in the garden and some minimal care, they will thrive and increase in beauty every year. Bloodgood is supposed to be a much larger tree when mature. Red Japanese maples with very dissected leaves are just fabulous plants. It is a bushy, more compact selection than 'Bloodgood' reaching to 4 m. Spring leaves are a bright pinkish-red. Thanks guys. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Kann man Roter Fächerahorn Bloodgood Acer palmatum Bloodgood zur jetzigen Zeit noch pflanzen? For best results, grow Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ in moist but well-drained soil in partial shade. I have gotten most my JMs at these 2 nurseries. Easy to grow! Leaves mature to deep, rich purple and retain their color well, even during the heat of summer. Einfach. Landscaping will help define the space and add depth. Fireglow Red Leaf Japanese Maple - 5 Gallon Pot There couldn't have been a better name for this upright Japanese Maple than Fireglow. I agree with gomero...there is a differnce especially btween the bloodgoood and the other two between FG and E1 as i said it is nominal ...the FG is slighly more , as it's name says, glowing ...that being said it is minor ...rcognizable and definable but MINOR...The blood good is defintly darker than these two other reds. In time you may want to add decorative fencing with a small gate...boxwoods in the front will add to frame flowering shrubbery, i.e. And only then will it begin to grow in width. The leaves are not as deeply divided. 'Bloodgood' is a wonderful, purple, well-know variety. !But this person is also reputable and likely the same person ;>)and I trust him totally!! Acer Palmatum Bloodgood. Vigorous and quite sun-tolerant, with a slow growing, u Acer palmatum 'Fireglow' Excellent Bright Red 'Fireglow' Japanese Maple Zones 5-9 'Fireglow' is an excellent red upright Japanese maple tree that reaches 10-12 ft in 15 years. Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' setzt mit seinem Blattwerk großartige Akzente im Garten. Large upright tree 15- 20′. Zones 5-9. Light Needs. Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' (A) Japanese maple 'Bloodgood' AGM plants. The reason given was that it has been in a green house until it was shipped to me. David. A classic small specimen or accent. Bloodgood Japanese Maple Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ is a deservedly popular Japanese Maple. One of the red leaf we carry in our nursery and a hardy specimen for Georgia landscapes. Both of these maples have 6-7-lobed leaves. My description was of the leaves not the bark. Acer Palmatum 'Chishio Improved' (I was too hasty in taking it out after it was reduced to a stick) I should've waited a bit to let it leaf out; Interestingly, it took the Acers in front of my house that get less sunshine longer to leaf out--by two weeks--than from areas that see at least four hours of sun in the backyard. As to planing J.M.Fireglow, I am at a disadvantage as I have a lot of afternoon sun and less morning sun. Fireglow can quickly become a complete lush tree. I want to share my experience with you, maybe someone will find it useful. The fruits are paired samaras (wing-shaped) and hang from the tree in clusters. David. Das Besondere an dieser sommergrünen Pflanze sind ihre intensiv roten Laubblätter. Bright green leaves turn purple, orange, and yellow in autumn. A popular maple, Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' is a large shrub or eventually a small tree with deeply-cut, dark purple leaves which turn a vivid shades of red and scarlet in the autumn before falling. 'Trompenburg' etc) confuses the issue because sometimes these have more lobes. You can find more information on the page About Author. 'Inaba shidare' 77606 £712.00 £950.00 View. Have fun!! Einen weiteren Akzent setzen rund um das Jahr die bronzeroten Zweige. This variety know as “Acer palmatum Fireglow” performs best in USDA growing zones 5-9 in full to partial sun. Mit dem Code VORBESTELLUNG2021 erhalten Sie bis zum 11.01.2021. In spring, it produces small purple flowers which give way to red fruits. I find color varies from tree to tree within a group (ie. Ihnen könnte auch gefallen… Acer palmatum ‘Autumn Glory’ Ab 31,00 € Zur Wunschliste hinzufügen. some FGs have better color than other FGs), so I buy for the color of the individual tree - all the trees mentioned in these posts hold their color well and are beautiful, so you can't lose in my opinion. The advantage of Fireglow leaves is that it is slightly shiny and partially transparent. It belongs to the Palmatum Group. Optionen auswählen. Bevorzugter Standort in sonniger bis halbschattiger, windgeschützter Lage. Emerald Lace 25% Discount £2,000.00 £2,795.00 View. I would like to here some other thoughs on the subject. Location: When choosing a location for your maple, find a location that offers full to partial sun. New foliage may scorch in full sun locations in hot summers areas, particularly if soils are not kept consistently moist. My own kitchen is painted with pale gray cabs and white doors-I used Farrow and Ball's Cornforth White (its a light gray), and Wimborne White. At the same time, its width can reach 40 feet or more. 'Fireglow' is similar to 'Bloodgood' but the leaves are not as deeply divided and has a deeper more intense red color which stays throughout the summer. Acer palmatum 'Fireglow' (Fireglow Japanese Maple) * Full sun to Part shade * Zones 5-8 * 8-10' tall * 8' wide Beautiful Fire red foliage! With such a wide range to choose from, there’s a beautiful Japanese maple to suit almost any setting, Bar and Counter Stools With Free Shipping,,, 11 Japanese Maples for Breathtaking Color and Form, Looking for comments about Acer palmatum 'Twombly's Red Sentinel'. Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' ist ein Flachwurzler und bildet, je nach Boden, fein verzweigte Wurzeln. It is native to Japan, Korea and China. Hi friends, I have been growing plants for many years and love doing it. Der Gartenfachhandel bietet zahlreiche Sorten mit unterschiedlichsten Blatt- und Wuchsformen an, vom bonsaiähnlichen Zwerg bis zum stattlichen Solitärstrauch. Deciduous, small round headed tree, 15-20 ft (4.5-6 m) tall. Fireglow is a bright cherry red that stays that way most of the season. Easily grown in moist, organically rich, slightly acidic, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. His father is Acer palmatum Atropurpureum. Acer palmatum Diss. Beim Fächerahorn Fireglow (Acer palmatum Fireglow) ist der Name der Sorte im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes Programm: Es ist das samtig rote, feurige Laub, das diesen japanischen Ahorn auszeichnet und Ihrem Garten beständig Glanz verleiht.Aber auch das orange Herbstlaub tut seinen Teil. Handelsübliche Kübelpflanzenerde. tree_oracle's bark color description fits my bloodgood and fireglow. Mine is located in full sun. Acer palmatum Diss. Hauptmerkmale. >Try Emery's Garden in Lynnwood - huge selection of J. maples, the best in the PNW.How many kinds? Acer palmatum, commonly known as Japanese maple, palmate maple, or smooth Japanese maple (Japanese: irohamomiji, イロハモミジ, or momiji, 紅葉), is a species of woody plant native to Japan, Korea, China, eastern Mongolia, and southeast Russia. Fireglow does well in hot, sunny conditions. » Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ | Village Nurseries Wholesale Plant & Tree Grower Moderate to slow-growing deciduous tree to 12-15' tall and wide. How to grow Acer 'Bloodgood' Plant size. Crimson fall color and scarlet, winged seeds add extra interest to this sturdy garden […] Avo… Verwendungen. This is due to the fact that initially, the maple grows in height and when it reaches its maximum height then begins to grow in width. Fireglow was recommended to me as a nice backyard maple. Glowing Embers (Acer palmatum ‘Glowing Embers’) is a hardy tree that tolerates heat and drought like a champ. Bloodgood is supposed to be a much larger tree when mature. Acer palmatum ‘Fireglow’ Ab 24,90 € Zur Wunschliste hinzufügen. Advertisement. Sie werden vor dem Versand per E-Mail informiert. While attractive close up, the flowers are however not particularly showy from a distance. May be grown in full sun in the northern parts of its growing range, but prefers some part afternoon shade in the southern parts (including St. Louis) of its growing range. Der Fächerahorn (Acer palmatum) ist ohne Zweifel der beliebteste Zier-Ahorn für den Garten. Height and spread: 3 x 3M. The last noticeable difference between Fireglow and Bloodgood is the shape of the leaves. Mfg Melanie Bendlin. When I inquired about the color being so dark and different I was told it was because it was not in the direct sunlight and that it would quickly revive in the sun. Paint the siding in a deep, earthy color and a creamy color for the trim. Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' 167 Code: 167. They are: Excellent for ordinary use in appropriate conditions; Available to buy; Of good constitution; Essentially stable in form & colour ; Reasonably resistant to pests & diseases; RHS Plant Shop from £34.99 Sold by 58 nurseries. 5.00 von 1 bis 5. When it comes to Japanese maples, the sharply divided leaves and the red color come to mind. Fireglow is smaller compared to Bloodgood. !...AND low and behold after about 3-4 weeks of full spring sun it is definitly a dragon through and through...So I'd give it time and SUN and it should develope it's true color...David, Well thanks for quelling my fears, One more question for the road, Vertrees says the color holds in hot and sunny conditions, some other say it can take sun all day while other highly recommend no after noon sun. Over time, this curiosity grew into a hobby, now in my collection a large number of various plants. Sometimes it can reach 12 feet in height. Japanese Maple Red Dragon vs Crimson Queen: 4 Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase. Der entscheidende Unterschied aber zu Sorten wie ‘Atropurpureum’ oder Bloodgood’ ist der schwächere und eher breit trichterförmige Aufbau. The growth rate and final size may vary depending on the climate and the amount of fertilizer, water, and sun that this maple receives. However, it gained widespread popularity thanks to Holland nurseries, which named it Fireglow in the late ’70s.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'worldofgardenplants_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_6',107,'0','0'])); Mostly Fireglow and Bloodgood differ in leaf color. Shouldn't there be clear differences in plants before they are named? Sie haben einen gelappten Rand. Each leaf bears 5-7 deeply cut lobes. A Fireglow backlit by the sun is a sight to behold. The autumn red is usually bright crimson and dark purple twigs and stems add winter interest. Bloodgood (Acer palmatum var. Zone 5. Wuchshöhe: Trichterförmig bis etwa 2,5 – … As far as color, Bloodgood is a dark red or purplish-red. Acer palmatums are tremendous garden plants, probably amongst the best loved of ornamental garden trees. I think the Emperor 1 is better than a Bloodgood. Beschreibung Acer palmatum 'Fireglow' Schöner großer Strauch bis kleiner Baum mit hochstämmigem Wachstum. Frosthärte. Hardiness: Hardy. Acer Palmatum Trees. AGM plants have been through a rigorous trial and assessment programme. Yes i like both E1 and fg too they are very similar at least mine are...I would definitly choose either of these over the bloodgood just cause they are differnt and a bit brighter but if you like a darker look bloods are for you but as i said it may not actually BE one...Tree is correct any of the three will work fine are hardy and hold their color but E1 and FG are a definite improvement IMHO David. They can be grown in the garden, in containers and of course they are ideal s… Whoops!! Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' will produce stronger autumn colours in a slightly acid soil. A many years ago, I became interested in growing plants. MFG says: "It can be compared with A. palmatum 'Bloodgood', 'Moonfire', or 'Nuresagi' but those cultivars usually grow into rather leggy treelike shrubs; 'Fireglow' seems to retain its shape better. Acer Palmatum Fireglow was introduced by Fratelli Gilardelli, from Italy in the 1970's and is classed a relatively new Japanese Maple. ‘Bloodgood’ has a beautiful, round shape canopy, making it well suited to residential landscapes as a … 'Fireglow' appears very similar to the popular 'Bloodgood' however, the leaves are not as divided, are even deeper red and withstand full sun without burning. Acer Palmatum - 'Fireglow' Fireglow is an impressive, vigorous, reliable tree that burns fire-red. “Emperor I®—better than ‘Bloodgood’,” he said. So let’s find out the strengths and weaknesses of today’s opponents. The color remains the same throughout the summer until autumn. Light transmitted through the leaves gives a beautiful red effect. This has a significant effect, especially in the sun. Fireglows are a slow grower, maturing to a height of 8-10 feet tall and 8-10 feet in width. However, if you need a large canopy of beautiful foliage, then choose Bloodgood and be patient. Die Blätter sind lanzettlich geformt und wirken filigran. In spring, it produces small purple flowers which give way to red fruits. Protect it from the harshest winds, which may cause leaf scorch. JM does make the comparative statement "It is similar to the popular, well-tried and tested 'Bloodgood', but the leaves are not as deeply divided and it has deeper, more intense, red color which stays throughout the summer, even in hot, sunny conditions." atropurpureum) `Bloodgood`is described in the catalog as: Attractive foliage with burgundy-red coloring turns brilliant scarlet in fall. Neither JAPANESE MAPLES nor MAPLES FOR GARDENS mentions the color of the samaras, unfortunately. We have Acer Bloodgood in stock in … Grows well in sandy loams. Acer Palmatum “Bloodgood” has hand-shaped red / purple leaves in Spring, taking on a lovely deep burgundy in hue in Summer and finally a fiery red in the Autumn. On the other hand, Fireglow came to the United States from Europe. Many Thanks. When the leaves fall, the blackish-red bark produces winter interest.Bloodgood benefits from being positioned in a sheltered location. Details; A beautifully shaped tree. Plant ideally in a semi-shady spot in fertile, well drained soil. Acer palmatum is a deciduous, woody shrub native to parts of Asia and Russia. Spring Color. Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' is an upright, domed headed, variety with the best purple leaf colour. Acer palmatum, commonly known as Japanese maple, palmate maple, or smooth Japanese maple (Japanese: irohamomiji, イロハモミジ, or momiji, 紅葉), is a species of woody plant native to Japan, Korea, China, eastern Mongolia, and southeast Russia. My advice here is that, unless you are a knowledgeable collector, to only deal with trustworthy suppliers who know what they are talking about. Japanese Maple ‘Bloodgood’ Acer palmatum ‘bloodgood’. Slender, airy form well-suited for use as a small lawn tree or for patios and entryways. Although it is vigorous, it does not become as tall and widespread as 'Bloodgood' thus making it an excellent garden or container plant. This site also participates in affiliate programs with other sites and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. So I have two choices sun until or sun after 5 where there is no sun between 1 and 3:30. The red leaves turn bright crimson and blood-red in autumn. But we have all heard comments like that before. Acer palmatum “Bloodgood” is a small, deciduous Japanese maple featuring colorful foliage spring through fall. These trees have a reputation for being hard to grow, but this is largely undeserved. 5.00 von 1 bis 5. Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' Deciduous upright Japanese maple with stunning dark-purplish, almost black-red serrated leaves into late summer, turning bright crimson in autumn.

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